Warminster Town Council Opposes Further Development Off Damask Way, Warminster

Wednesday 31st January 2018:

Warminster Town Council has issued a press release stating its opposal to further development off Damask Way, Warminster. 

The press release reads:
The Town Council welcomed 62 members of the public to the Planning Advisory Committee meeting [of Warminster Town Council] on Monday (26th January 2018), when outline plans for 34 dwellings on land to the east of Damask Way, Warminster, were discussed.

Eight residents spoke passionately about their opposition to the proposed development, with serious concerns about the traffic on the lower stretch of Upper Marsh Road and in Smallbrook Road.

Further reasons for objection were that the site is outside the proposed settlement boundary recently consulted on by Wiltshire Council, and abuts Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s nature reserve [Smallbrook Meadows].

Photographs of the site were shown to members, including a dash-cam video highlighting the difficulties in navigating the stretch of road where the proposed access will be located. 

The following proposal in favour of refusal of the plans was carried unanimously by the members:

This Council objects to this planning application on the grounds listed below:

1. The site was not under consideration on the Draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan and Revised Settlement Boundaries which had been consulted on in September 2017. The comment that had been submitted by the Council on the settlement boundary in the Damask Way area was as follows:

This was a reference to the site already built, which should be inside the new settlement boundary. 

Wiltshire Council had not included the site in application 17/12348/OUT in the revised settlement boundaries and the Town Council had supported its exclusion, therefore it would be inappropriate to include it now.

2. The access point for this site would be disastrous. This section of Upper Marsh Road is narrow with no footpath and leads on to a narrow country road that is prone to flooding and often has to be closed. Run-off water from the site would exacerbate the problem.

3. The impact on the environment would be detrimental. The site is on the cusp of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust area.

4. There is a highways conflict with pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and the residents of the old people’s home.

Warminster Town Council requested Councillor Jackson to call this in at the Western Area Planning Committee.