A Deer In Battlesbury Barracks, Warminster, Seeks Its Freedom

Wednesday 7th February 2018:

 A deer in Battlesbury Barracks.
Photograph by Danny Howell.

This deer is confined to Battlesbury Barracks, Warminster. It probably wandered in when the back gates to the barracks, at Battlesbury Bridge, were open for military access but they are now locked shut. The deer can't jump over the perimeter fence of Battlesbury Barracks because the fence is high and is topped with razor wire. The deer has grass and leaves to eat and can drink from the water-jump at the army assault course in the north-east corner of the grounds, but he/she looks like a lonely figure in the fenced-in landscape and is easily spooked and doesn't know which way to run. More than one person who has seen it has said: "I do feel sorry for it." Would be real good if the officer in charge of the barracks could have the back gates temporarily opened and maybe gain the assistance of some soldiers to show the deer the way out to the freedom it deserves.