Bishopstrow Parish Council Have Chosen To Object And Not Object To The Planning Application By Bishopstrow College For A Change Of Use From A Family Home To A Boarding House At Riverside, Bishopstrow Road, Warminster

Wednesday 21st February 2018: 

Bishopstrow College (at Barrow House, Bishopstrow Road, Warminster, BA12 9HU) have applied to Wiltshire Council for planning permission [18/00639/FUL] for a change of use of Riverside House, 4 Bishopstrow Road, Warminster, BA12 9HQ. "The application is for a change of use, similar to that requested and approved for 3a Bishopstrow Road. The property would be used for staff and student accommodation. The change of use would therefore be from being a family home to a boarding house, or C2 classification." Comments are invited (to Wiltshire Council) until Friday 23rd February 2018. The target date for a decision is Wednesday 14th March 2018.

Bishopstrow Parish Council, at a meeting held on Tuesday 20th February 2018, considered the above application and have responded to Wiltshire Council, ticking the boxes on the response form not only for "No objections" but also for "Object."

Bishopstrow Parish Council's reasons for ticking two boxes, objecting and not objecting, are given as follows:
"Suggested special conditions/reasons for decision based on local knowledge. Bishopstrow is very split over this planning application with a small majority in favour of raising an objection, hence the reason for ticking 2 boxes. However, the main reason given is the desire to see the house staying as a family home and hence more likely to have an impact on the life of our very small village. Additionally, the adjacent property (3a/Mandalay) has already been converted into a multi-occupancy dwelling as part of Bishopstrow College’s residential accommodation. The effect of 2 large adjacent houses becoming a residential accommodation annex for the College has therefore caused concern amongst many villagers, especially as there are plans in place to develop additional residential accommodation on the college site. However, if Wiltshire Council decides to allow planning permission, the village has concerns about road safety. As a village we have raised our problems of speeding traffic and inconsiderate driving through CATG and some proposals will be taken forward as projects. The location of the 2 houses will cause an additional hazard as students and staff will need to cross a busy road, on a bend that has no pavement on their side of the road. Traffic calming and safety measures should be conditions on this application and the cost of these for consultation, planning, installation and importantly maintenance cannot be borne by the village through its precept or other funds. The advice of WC’s highways team would be necessary to determine any requirements and planning consent should include such a consultation."