Empolini Debut For Freelance Florist Moonraker & Rose At Wiltshire Farmers' Market, Warminster

Friday 2nd February 2018:

 This three-wheel Empolini 50 
made a new debut today 
(Friday 2nd February 2018) ~
fulfilling for the first time 
a very different role for itself.

 It is now a proud part of
Moonraker & Rose (freelance florist)
who gave the motorised trike
its first day out with flowers at
the Wiltshire Farmers' Market
held at the northern end of
Three Horseshoes Walk, Warminster.

 Originally Milan-made, it has 
been restored by 
J. & G. Vehicle Repairs Ltd.,
at Stephens Way, Warminster.

 The driver's seat.

 Lindsey Winter 
(pictured here with the Empolini)
is the proprietor of
Moonraker & Rose.
Until now she had been running her
"flowers for friends" business
from her home in Bishopstrow
(it was launched in 2016)
but has now decided to also sell 
flowers at markets and events.

Moonraker & Rose.
Lindsey says: 
"As a Lancashire lass living and working 
in Wiltshire 'Moonraker & Rose' seemed an 
obvious and most fitting name. Wiltshire folks 
are often referred to as 'Moonrakers' 
and Lancashire is the 'Red Rose' County!"

 Cut flowers, sold individually,
will be the feature at markets
for Moonraker & Rose.
Customers can select their own
or Lindsey will pick them out for you.

Ruscus 50p each.

 Rosa Avalanche £1.20 each.

Rosa Snowflake £1.00 each.
Scabiosa 50p each.

Veronica £1.00 each.

Thistle 80p each.

And waxed flowers too.

 At the markets, Lindsey wraps the 
flowers in brown paper, and with
recycling in mind, the wrapping also 
includes old pages of the Warminster Journal.

The services of Moonraker & Rose
also include flowers for weddings
and other occasions, and Lindsey
also shares flowers with residential homes,
providing colour and creativity, as well as 
stimulating interest for the elderly.
Services provided by Moonraker & Rose
and sample price lists for wedding flowers,
etc., can be found on the website:

 Tomorrow (Saturday 3rd February 2018)
Moonraker & Rose will be at
Chinn's Court, Warminster.

And will be back at the 
Wiltshire Farmers' Market
in Warminster on the
first Friday of every month,
9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Friday 2nd February 2018.

 For further details about
Moonraker & Rose
"flowers for friends"
telephone: 07709 337955
email: lwinter@moonrakerandrose.com