Service Of Thanksgiving At Norton Bavant For Lady Jardine Paterson

Monday 5th February 2018:

Danny Howell writes ~

A Service Of Thanksgiving for the life of Lady Jardine Paterson will be held at All Saints Church, Norton Bavant, on Friday 16th March 2018, commencing at 12 noon.

Lady Jardine Paterson died peacefully in her sleep on 19th January 2018, aged 93. Her funeral was private. Priscilla Jardine Paterson, who was known affectionately as "Lady P" by many people who lived in the locality of Norton Bavant, was the widow of Sir John Valentine Jardine Paterson. His middle name 'Valentine' was given because he was born on Valentine's Day (14th February) 1920. Details of Sir John's military and business career can be gleaned from the Wikipaedia page: 

Sir John Jardine Paterson died on 12th March 2000. He and Lady Jardine Paterson had lived in retirement at the Manor House in Norton Bavant, a property which had been purchased in 1947 by Lady Jardine Paterson's father Sir Kenneth Nicholson MC (1891-1964). Sir Kenneth was a Scottish East India Merchant. Lady Jardine Paterson's mother was Mignon Shuttleworth. 

Sir John and Lady Jardine Paterson married in 1953. Their marriage was blessed with one son and three daughters. Lady Jardine Paterson's residence, as a widow after she moved out of the Manor, was at South Farm House, Norton Bavant (the family farmed South Farm) but she spent her final years away from the village. Her death notice in the Daily Telegraph was as follows: "Priscilla died peacefully in her sleep on 19th January, aged 93. Widow of John, adored mother and grandmother. Service of Thanksgiving will be held at 12 noon on Friday 16th March at Norton Bavant."