The Paddling Pool In The King George V Playing Field, Warminster, Is In Need Of Refurbishment

Friday 23rd March 2018:

Members of the Devolved Services And Assets Sub-Committee of Warminster Town Council have discussed the necessary refurbishment of the paddling pool in the King George V Playing Field at the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park). Quotations have been received. 

The original repairs in 2016 had been undertaken by Steele Davis at a cost of £4,000 but they had not lasted. Ray Thomas Property Services had been instructed by Warminster Town Council to make patching repairs last summer. One of the patches had broken up, causing an injury, and the patch had to be repaired again. The damage to the paddling pool's surface was caused by children using scooters and skateboards, etc., in the pool when it is empty and filled. Ray Thomas has said he is reluctant to undertake a patching job again as it would not survive the season. He has provided two quotations:

(1)  to repair and completely resurface the pool using similar materials to the existing surface, at £4,988 plus VAT;

(2) to repair and resurface the pool with a rubberised system that would have a 3 - 6 year life expectancy (provided it was not damaged by scooters, skateboards, etc., which would negate the guarantee), at £7,000 plus VAT.

Both quotations include labour costs.

There was a need to find a way of covering the pool during the winter. The safety surface around the pool is breaking up and will need to be addressed at the end of the season, at the same time as the cover is installed. Ideally, grey water recycling should be considered at this time.

Stuart Legg (the Park and Open Spaces Manager) and Pete Hewitt would examine the specification of the rubberised product suggested to ensure this would be the correct option. Other quotations would be sought and the Finance And Assets Committee members of Warminster Town Council will be emailed for an urgent decision to enable the work to be completed by 6th May.

Members wished for a notice to  be placed advising users not to take scooters, skateboards, etc., in the pool.