Waitrose Has Applied To Install Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras At The Entrance To Its Station Road Car Park, Warminster

Thursday 8th March 2018:

Waitrose has applied to install automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras at the entrance to its Station Road Car Park, Warminster, which will record the time and identity of all vehicles entering the car park. Former Warminster Town Councillor and former Wiltshire Councillor, Steve Dancey, who shops on a daily basis at Waitrose, Warminster, has already voiced his disgust at the application, calling it a "sinister and unnecessary step." Writing on the Vision For Warminster website, Mr Dancey says: "Bringing in such cameras can only mean that the partnership is looking to tighten its control of the parking regime here and in doing so they will further harm the vitality of the town centre. Installing cameras here will reduce the propensity of shoppers to head into town in addition to shopping in Waitrose. Shoppers will be scared of getting a ticket." He suggests that Waitrose would be far better advised to look at improving pedestrian safety at the entrance to the car park by installing adequate signs to tell motorists that pedestrians have right of way on the Station Road pavement. You can read Mr Dancey's comments by clicking on http://www.visionforwarminster.co.uk/news_105390.html and reading the Hot Topics section.