Community Speedwatch Volunteers Needed In Warminster

Monday 23rd April 2018:

Community Speedwatch Volunteers Needed In Warminster

Community Speedwatch is a scheme run by Wiltshire Police who need volunteers within the community to operate it. Volunteers are trained to monitor traffic speed in areas that have been identified as being suitable for the scheme following metro counts that indicate consistent levels of speed above the limit. In Warminster these are Boreham Road, Copheap Lane and Deverill Road.

Councillor Andrew Davis has been appointed Community Speedwatch Champion to act as coordinator for the volunteers Warminster Town Council hopes will come forward.

Warminster Town Council will also be considering whether ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ signs could be erected in parts of the town centre to encourage drivers to be more considerate about their speed.

If you are interested in taking part in Community Speedwatch please contact Warminster Town Council - telephone 01985 214847 or email  

A Community Speedwatch stall will be present at ‘Spring in the Park’ in the  Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park), Warminster, on Sunday 6th May 2018, where advisers from Wiltshire Police will be happy to discuss how the scheme runs and what is needed to become involved.