Heytesbury Imber & Knook Parish Council Flood Wardens

Monday 2nd April 2018:

Heytesbury Imber & Knook Parish Council prepared its first Flood Plan in 2011 and since that time local Councillors have been involved in the Parish as local Flood Wardens. At the recently held Parish Council meeting, two new Flood Wardens were appointed, Councillors Elizabeth Colvin and Louise Morris. Both recently elected to the Council, they are actively involved in looking after outside spaces within the villages.

The Parish has a small number of homes at risk of flooding from the River Wylye and the plan is based, primarily, on a self-help basis with support given to vulnerable residents. In the event of a flood, the flood wardens will be contacted by the Environment Agency’s Flood Warnings Direct service. They will monitor the situation, set up and staff an assembly area, call in support services as required and offer assistance to vulnerable residents.

Both Councillors said “they are committed to supporting the local community during adverse weather episodes and are looking forward to working with the Parish and welcome contact from residents who might need advice.”

The Parish now has five wardens who work on a voluntary basis and the Flood Plan is published on http://www.heytesburyparish.co.uk/FloodPlan.htm.