Improvement Needed To The Ridgeway Slope Path, Warminster

Wednesday 18th April 2018:

At a meeting of Warminster Town Council's Town Development Committee held on Monday 4th December 2017, the condition of the path on the Ridgeway Slope, Warminster, was reason for discussion.

Town councillors heard that: "There is currently funding available from the Warminster Area Board via the Paths Improvements Grants Scheme (PIGS). The beginning of the path leading from the Ridgeway to the Lake Pleasure Grounds is currently unsurfaced and would be improved by tarmacking."

Members of Warminster Town Council resolved to complete an application from the Town Council to the Area Board for the improvement of the path leading from the Ridgeway to the Lake Pleasure Grounds.

  The Ridgeway Slope Path.

 Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Wednesday 18th April 2018.


A regular user of the path was pleased to
hear today (Wednesday 18th April 2018)
that the path might get a tarmac surface.
They said:
"The gravel is so uneven and that's because
of people riding bicycles down here.
They leave it scuffed and its easy for
pedestrians to stumble because of the
grooves made by bicycle wheels.
I'm surprised that no one has fell over
and hurt themselves.
I've stumbled and slipped a few times.
This is supposed to be a footpath, not a
cycle path, and no one seems to question
the danger caused by cyclists in the park."