Litter Champion Appointed For Warminster

Monday 23rd April 2018:

Litter Champion Appointed For Warminster

Members of the public attending Warminster Town Council's Annual Town Meeting on Monday 9th April 2018 and the Council's Town Development Committee meeting on 16th April 2018 raised the issue of litter and the general cleanliness of Warminster. It was felt that the situation was getting progressively worse and gave a poor impression of the town to visitors and residents alike.

Wiltshire Council spends £2.5 million on litter collection in the county and has a schedule for cleaning town centres, but areas outside are cleared on a reactive basis only. Residents are urged to report any problems via the Wiltshire Council online app. A communications team has been set up at Wiltshire Council in a drive to improve the situation regarding litter generated by businesses, particularly those selling food to take away.

Warminster Town Council's Town Promotion Sub-Committee has also been looking at this topic and recognised that communities need to be encouraged to be more actively involved in maintaining the appearance of the streetscene in the town. With this in mind, Councillor Steve Jeffries has been appointed 'Litter Champion' for Warminster Town Council. Along with the Town Clerk he will visit businesses and communities in Warminster to establish how they can help with this endeavour. They will also liaise with schools to help ensure pupils are educated to value their environment.

Warminster Town Councillor Denis Brett said: “We have a collective responsibility for this. It is not just children who
drop litter; adults are equally careless. We all need to take responsibility for our own areas.”