Warminster Town Council Against Development Next To The Smallbrook Meadows Nature Reserve

Friday 13th April 2018:

Rod Simpson writes ~

Objection to new planning Application next to Smallbrook Meadow.

I would like to make all aware that the new planning application of 17/12348/OUT for the development of 28 dwellings was unanimously voted against by Warminster Town Council. It has been passed to Wiltshire Council for a decision to be made (date not decided). 

The reasons behind Warminster Town Council's refusal were as follows:

The land is more suited to nature than a development due to it being on the cusp/backing onto the Smallbrook Meadow Nature Reserve.

The access point is unsuitable due to the incline (see image) and the additional traffic of an additional 28 dwellings.

It is of note that Warminster has more than reached its quota for housing development due to the extensive developments to the west of the town.

If this application is approved it may set a precedence for further development around the Town Park and Smallbrook Meadow Nature Reserve, thus a major impact on our local rural environment. There are much better areas to develop than within our wildlife zone.

In order to prevent this application being approved many more objections are required, with the latest submission date being 24th April 2018. If you would like to object please search for planning application 17/12348/OUT in Google; to view the plans click on the downloads link once you have found the planning application.

The image is of the planned access point along the single track Upper Marsh road that leads onto Smallbrook road: