Warminster Town Council Opposes Expansion Plans For Barney Lodge Nursery, Westbury Road, Warminster

Thursday 12th April 2018:

Warminster Town Council Opposes Expansion Plans For Barney Lodge

Members of Warminster Town Council’s Planning Advisory Committee have expressed serious concerns about plans submitted by the Barney Lodge Day Nursery at 5 Westbury Road, Warminster: to change the use of part of the building from residential to nursery and to increase the permitted number of children from 45 to 70. Part of the application is retrospective.

Many local residents have approached town councillors with their concerns over the substantial increase in pupil numbers in what was originally a residential house. They are worried about highways safety, as parking is already a problem and the house is situated very close to a major bend on a dangerous road. The nursery is proposing a schedule of times for dropping children off and picking them up, but town councillors do not feel this would be workable and will cause inconvenience to other road users. Barney Lodge staff have been advised to park away from the property which will cause displaced parking problems elsewhere, with more staff being needed for the expanding business.

As well as traffic issues, residents could also be affected by the increased level of noise with so many more young children playing outside. 

The application was recommended for refusal, based on the
adverse effect on the residential amenity of neighbours by reason of noise, and that the development would adversely affect highways safety and the convenience of road users.

Councillor Pip Ridout, the Wiltshire Council Unitary member for the Warminster west ward, was asked to call in
the application so it can be heard at the Western Area Planning Committee of Wiltshire Council.