End Of An Era As Move! Estate Agents Decide To Close The Business At 67 Market Place, Warminster

Friday 11th May 2018:

 It will be the end of an era when Move!
estate agents, close the doors of their
premises at 67 Market Place, Warminster,
on Friday 18th May 2018.

 Joanne Applegate and Roland Daniels,
pictured above, who have been at the helm
of Move! estate agents for the last 10 years
have recognised that over 94% of house
buyers now start searching for property
online rather than using the High Street
based estate agencies.

 Roland says: "We live in a changing world
and the internet now plays a big part
in many aspects of people's lives.
Move! is still okay at the moment but in
a year's time and in the future things will
have progressed even more online.
We've made the decision now to call it a day."

 Roland, who has been involved with
estate agency business for the last 21 years,
is not completely forsaking the world of
bricks and mortar. He says: "I will continue,
on a part-time basis, to oversee a portfolio
of rental properties in Warminster that I
manage for several landlord clients."
Roland also has a smallholding in Dorset,
where he lives, and he's looking forward
to having more time in the countryside.

 When asked if she would find it sad
to leave Move! estate agents, Jo Applegate
said: "Yes, but it's also a very exciting time.
There's more to come next. I'm going to 
make a return to the world of nursing.
And I intend to travel more and to spend 
more time in the garden, when I'm not 
studying for my degree."

 A unique map of Warminster's streets and 
residential estates on the wall of Move!
It seems it could be sold online
(maybe on eBay) after Move! closes.

 A superb photograph of Warminster town centre
at night, by David McGirr,
(blown up large) which adorns the end wall
inside Move! estate agents at 67 Market Place.

The stylish interior of Move! estate agents.
 67 Market Place, Warminster, has been
used as an estate agency for the last 40 years.
Alfred Pearson, Connells and McAllister's
have all been located at No.67 previous to Move!
 Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Friday 11th May 2018.