Minutes Of The Annual Parish Meeting For Heytesbury Imber & Knook

Friday 1st June 2018:

Minutes Of The Annual Parish Meeting For Heytesbury Imber & Knook
Tuesday 29th May 2018. 7.15 p.m.
The Parish Council Chairman Councillor Mrs Ann Perry in the Chair.
Present: Councillors D Bond, S Buttenshaw, E Colvin, P Fellowes, L Gould, D Hiscock, A Moore, L Morris, A Perry and V Sturmey. Councillor C Newbury Wiltshire Council. Officers: H Parks, Danny Everett and Bill Parks Wiltshire Council. 
Public & Press: 24 members of the public and no press.

1. Welcome and Apologies
The Chairman welcomed all attendees. There was a late apology from Councillor Eastman.

2. Minutes
The minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 31st May 2017 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

3. Chairman’s Report
The Annual Report of the Parish Council 2017-2018 was received and circulated.

4. Flood Forum
Danny Everett (DE), Principle Technical Officer, Drainage, Wiltshire Council, attended the meeting to explain his role and also take questions. He outlined that he managed the capital expenditure on behalf of the County, which amounted to £1.2 million. He is the main contact with the EA and Defra and works with Towns and Parish Councils to reduce the risk of flooding where possible. Currently he leads on a project building a reservoir at Tilshead; a partnership with Wiltshire Council and Defra. To assist Parishes to develop their Flood Plans, he encourages them to inspect local ditches and watercourses which will identify priorities. During the heavy flooding of 2013/2014, 72% of the County reported flood issues. What my team are trying to do is find out those that are affected by flooding. Priorities are high speed roads and individual properties flooding. There are four people in the team who review all issues with drainage and manage all new planning applications. All flood plans are shared with the EA and they also have a duty to reduce the number of properties that flood. Discussions took place on a variety of issues:

• Gully emptying – report all gully issues on the Wiltshire Council app and they will be considered.

• Landowners are responsible for their stretch of riverbank, but what happens when the landowner is the MOD, what action can be taken? Residents were asked to mark the areas of concern on the Parish Map and he would discuss with his contacts at Landmarc and MOD.

• Councillor Colvin advised that she had experienced difficulties with her responsibilities and Lampreys. DE suggested that the publication “Living on the edge” would be beneficial to those who live near a watercourse.

• Cellar flooding is not considered to be classed as a flood property.

• Equipment provision – sandbags, gel sacs, high viz jackets and training were all available from the team.

• Residents felt that the Winterbourne bridge was not adequate for the high volumes of water – DE thought that this would not be classed as a priority. DE would review the build-up of silt under the bridge and would arrange a Parish visit.

• The National Flood Forum has a lot of advice and ideas in self-help for those affected.
https://nationalfloodforum.org.uk/ 01299 403 055

• Park Lane is a concern to residents who felt that it should be rectified. DE accepted that this needs to be reviewed and would consider during his visit with contact to the landowner if appropriate.

• Ownership of riverbeds was mentioned and it was agreed that it is sometimes difficult to establish ownership, and many landowners would not be in a rush to claim if there is a liability.

• A discussion on water quality and the use of eco products making a difference took place. It was accepted that incremental improvements make a big improvement.

• The planning application awaiting determination for 23 houses and village hall was discussed and the village being able to support additional pressure in terms of water runoff. DE was not working on this as a consultee but another member of the team would be dealing with. He would familiarise himself with the application. 

The Chairman thanked Danny for attending and providing such an informative session. He was given a round of applause. 

5. Outside Spaces Working Group (OSWG)
Councillor Sturmey reported to the meeting the activities of the group since it was formed.

6. Forum

• Anthony Wilson, Chair of Team Heytesbury circulated a paper to the meeting. He asked that the Parish Council consider the setting up of a sub committee to review the planning application of 23 houses and a village hall and publish a report of such a group, on line. No decision was made on this proposal.

• Councillor Liz Colvin suggested that a referendum is called. The Clerk advised on the process and that the cost would fall to the Parish Council. At this stage of the meeting a full discussion or proposal and vote had not taken place. She went on to ask whether the Parish should fund raise and buy the land. Councillor Chris Newbury advised the meeting that he had to be careful about his contribution as he sat on the Planning Committee, however he confirmed that this application had not yet been determined, revised plans are expected from the architect, but these have not yet been submitted. When he last spoke to officers, it appeared that it would be August before this application was likely to be determined. He appreciated that there were strong views on both sides, but all amendments would come to the Parish Council as a consultee for comment. The Land is outside the policy limits and there is no planning policy that supports exception sites unless the site was developed for social housing. The current use of the land, as recreation land is not safeguarded. There were differing views on the need or want of a village hall. Was there any other private land available for a village hall? The cost of renting the school hall was discussed, some believing it was too expensive. A proposal was put to the meeting that the Parish fundraise to try and purchase the land. The voting was 13 in favour and with those against 22, the proposal was not supported. There was no support for a referendum.

• Penny Copland-Griffiths spoke on the setting up of a befrienders group to assist those who have no family or friends to help in times of need. This was thought to be a marvellous idea. The Clerk thought that similar schemes may be already in place in some parts of Wiltshire and would seek information to pass on, one contact would be through the Health and Well-being Group run by Wiltshire Council Area Board. Contact would also be made through David Reeves.

• Councillor Liz Colvin and Louise Morris had investigated the provision of better broadband and made available literature from a company called True-speed who bring fibre optic to the house. If there is enough interest within a community, i.e. 30%, then the company would consider working in that area. Leaflets were made available for anyone who might be interested. Councillor Newbury spoke on the broadband project in Wiltshire. The Codford exchange was updated at the time, there was also a project officer in place. He would try and find out who might be involved at the present time.

The meeting closed at 8.55 p.m.