Party In The Park For All ~ Warminster

Party In The Park For All
The Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park),
Weymouth Street, Warminster
Saturday 23rd June 2018
11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

This is a joint event for our three Syrian 
resettlement families and the volunteers
who have worked with them, the Muslim
Community who have helped and everyone
who is interested. It is going to be a brilliant
shared activity "for all!"
There will be food, a cake stall, henna art,
candle art, horse and carriage rides, etc.
Come and be part of this event and meet
lots of people you don't normally see.
Could you please bring a plate of food to 
share and/or a cake to sell.
Money donations to Warminster & District Foodbank 
and The Friends Of Warminster Hospital.
Any questions to Tony Berridge or Tim Spinney.
Telephone 01985 214441.
Please see the full details in the June issue
of the St. Denys' Church magazine:

We expect you will know that Warminster has
resettled three Syrian families over the last year.
Most of this has been done on a volunteer
basis from Christian, Muslim and non faith
backgrounds, with Council support.
This party is to celebrate these families'
arrival and initial settlement here.
It is a chance for them to meet all those who
have been involved and collectively have some
fun. It is also a time for those interested in what
has happened to find out more.

Come along and be part of this event.
There is no charge for entry to the event itself.
There will be food* and Syrian food tasters.
Also there will be various stalls from
henna and candle art to cakes, horse and
carriage rides, and the whole park to play in.
There will be Clergy from various Churches
and Trowbridge Mosque in attendance
together with the Police Community Unit.

The only cost is whatever you wish to buy.
Otherwise all we are asking is for a donation.
At the end of the event the donations collected
will be divided equally between two local
charities who have helped the families.
These are the Warminster & District Foodbank
and the Friends of Warminster Hospital.

Do come along and see what it is all about.
It is very much a time for children.
We hope there will be good weather and
we all look forward to seeing you there.
Tony and Tim.

* P.S. Since writing this, we have been very 
excited by the positive response and potential
take up. Because we have no final idea how
many people are coming, and we hope it is
lots, we are having to change how we arrange
lunch. We are now asking those coming if
they would be kind enough to bring a plate of
food with them which can be shared.
To overcome any possible problems with
things being Halal may I suggest you bring
vegetarian items please. The idea is to have a
sort of bring and share buffet picnic!
All we need now is brilliant weather
and you to come along!