Warminster Play Areas Community Engagement

Warminster Town Council
Warminster Play Areas 
Community Engagement
2nd July - 27th August 2018

Wiltshire Council informed Warminster Town
Council that as of April 2018 they will not
be carrying out major repairs to any play
areas, however, they will continue to inspect
the areas to ensure they are safe but will
close equipment if unsafe. 

Warminster Town Council already maintains
the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Warminster
Town Park) play area, and we now have the
opportunity to take on the maintenance of
9 additional play areas around the town.

The launch of 8 weeks of community
engagement will be at a public meeting on
Monday 2nd July 2018
7.00 p.m.
Warminster Civic Centre,
Sambourne Road, Warminster, BA12 8LB.

Warminster Town Council members,
Officers and representatives of
Wiltshire Council will be at the meeting to 
hear your views on the future of our play areas.