Warminster Town Council Community Litter Pick At The Avenue, Warminster

Saturday 23rd June 2018:

 Warminster Town Council organised a 
community litter pick at The Avenue
(and surrounding area)
on the morning of Saturday 23rd June 2018.

 It was hoped that this would be the first
of many community litter picks in the town.

 Only nine people turned up for the litter
pick and these were mostly Warminster
Town Councillors or members of
Warminster Town Council staff.

 One of the pickers said:
"The turn out is disappointing but we 
have made a start and we can only
hope to build on this idea."

 The amount of litter at The Avenue
wasn't great (compared to the mess that had
been seen there on previous occasions)
but did include plastic.

 The litter picked up at The Avenue
was mainly cigarette ends.

 Warminster Town Councillor George Jolley
(pictured above) said: "It might be an idea
for Warminster Town Council to ask those
who live on residential estates to be
responsible for picking up the litter on
their own estates. Maybe the Town Council
could provide them with the bags
and equipment needed. And then big 
community litter picks could be organised
where litter is particularly a major problem."

 Warminster Town Council's Litter Champion
(or should that be "Anti-Litter Champion?)
said he had received a lot of messages from
people who said they were keen to help with
the litter pick but was surprised that
not one of them had turned up.

Photographs taken by Danny Howell.

Anyone wanting to help with future
Warminster Town Council litter picks 
can call in at Warminster Civic Centre
and make themselves known, or
email: admin@warminster-tc.gov.uk
or telephone: 01985 214847.