Bo & Co Coffee Garden For 4 Silver Street, Warminster (The Former Sugar Plum Shop)

Thursday 26th July 2018:

 4 Silver Street, Warminster.

Mr Blake of 3 Newtown, Heytesbury, BA12 OHN, has submitted a planning application to Wiltshire Council for a change of use at 4 Silver Street, Warminster, BA12 8PS (the former Sugar Plum children's clothing shop) from A1 to A3, to open a coffee house to be called the Bo & Co Coffee Garden.

The proposal includes the following changes to be made from the front of the property to the rear:

"Upon entering the store we intend to lay tiled flooring to the front to cope with footfall and have some wood planks on the wall as a design feature. We are keeping the book shelf already fitted into the wall and painting it the same colour of blue as outside. The remainder of the floor we are going to use vinyl. We are going to paint the rest of the walls white and fit some white tiles on the wall behind the counter. We are going to overboard and plaster ceiling, and replace ceiling lights. We intend to remove the current counter as it's quite large and replace with a more useful sized one, that will stay in the same location as the current counter. We will place tables and chairs for approx 15-20 covers and also have two chairs with small coffee table. In the second room in the rear we want to have vinyl flooring, have plain walls, add an addition of a stud wall to create a rear food prep area in which will be housed a sink and food prep free standing unit and a dishwasher. The bathroom - we would like to move the door a few feet in order to be able to add the stud wall for the prep room; and move the toilet to the other side of the bathroom. Externally we want to clear all the rubbish and weeds, lay some lawn and a path walkway for footfall, add some plants, some tables and chairs outside for people to enjoy the garden."