"Free Tommy" In Warminster

Monday 9th July 2018:

 "Free Tommy" written on a wall at
George Street, Warminster.

And at The Close, Warminster.

Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Monday 9th July 2018.

  According to Wikipedia: "Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon (born 27 November 1982), known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson, and previously as Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris, is an English far-right activist who co-founded and served as spokesman and leader of the English Defence League (EDL), from which he resigned in 2013. For a short time in 2012, he was joint party vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party. He led the EDL from 2009 until 8 October 2013. He continued as an activist, and in 2015 became involved with the development of Pegida UK, a British chapter of the German-based Pegida organisation (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West). In May 2018, Robinson was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment for contempt of court after publishing a Facebook Live video of defendants entering a law court, contrary to a court order to prevent reporting those specific trials while proceedings are ongoing. That sentence included activation of an earlier 3 month suspended sentence for a similar earlier contempt of court."