Heytesbury, Knook & Imber Parish Council - Agenda For Meeting On 31st July 2018

Agenda for Meeting of Heytesbury, Knook, and Imber Parish Council Meeting, at Heytesbury School, High Street, Heytesbury, Warminster BA12 0EA, on Tuesday 31st July 2018, 7.15 p.m.

Membership: Councillors A Perry (Chair), D Bond (Vice Chair), S Buttenshaw, E Colvin, T Eastman, P Fellowes, L Gould, D Hiscock, A Moore, L Morris, and V Sturmey.

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council, unless excluded due to the confidential nature of the business.

1. Apologies.
To receive apologies including reasons for absence, from those unable to attend.

2. Minutes.
2.1 To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 26th June 2018 previously circulated.
2.2 To note any matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 26th June 2018.

3. Declarations of Interest.
To receive any declarations of interest under the Parish Council’s Code of Conduct issued in accordance with the Localism Act 2011.

4. Chairman’s Announcements.
To note any announcements made by the Chair.

Standing orders will be suspended to allow for public participation.

5. Public Participation.
5.1 To enable members of the public to address the Council with an allowance of three minutes per person regarding any item on the agenda.
5.2 To receive any petitions or deputations.

Standing Orders will be reinstated following public participation.

6. Financial Information.
6.1 Payments for approval:
001198 £6.98 WALC 2 Books.
001199 £2.00 V Sturmey Postage.
001200 £62.97 H Parks Paper and Ink.
001201 £436.80 H Parks Payroll July Includes back pay for Trust costs.
001202 £109.20 HMRC July Payroll.
Members to approve the payment of £195 for the provision and installation of internal locks for Heytesbury School which was originally agreed in 2014 and further agreed to support in 2017. Invoice attached.
6.2 Balances of the Bank Accounts for noting:
Treasurers Account £ 6816.17.
Bus Instant Access £ 6190.68.
Village Hall Fund £4596.81.
Balances @ 5 July 2018.
6.3 Monthly financial report:
Members to receive the monthly report which outlines the current position of spend against budget allocated year to date and includes the monthly reconciliation. See attached.

7. Planning Applications.
7.1 Applications received and for comment:
Members will review plans on line in advance of the meeting as no paper plans are received from the Planning Authority. Attached planning info sheet 11.
18/05786/TCA The Hey House Newtown Heytesbury BA12 0HN.
Proposal: T1 Purple Leaf Plum, remove major dead wood and reduce height by approx. 2 metres. Prune to balance shape.
Members to ratify “no Objection” obtained by email circulation.

8. Outside Spaces Working Group.
8.1 Members to approve the notes of the meeting held on 3rd July 2018 attached.
8.2 Members to approve the recommendations set out in item 8:
• The Parish Council obtain a quote for a three-year period of Highway grass cutting of village areas from idverde.
• Final proof for play area signage and order to be placed with Mirage Signs at a cost of £55, the original quote provided.
• The revised quotation from idverde for grass cutting is approved at £794.29 + VAT payable in four payments in July, August, September £198. 57 and October of £198.58. The contractor has been instructed.
• The original suggested site for the commemorative tree needs to be amended. Councillor Buttenshaw is proposing that the original site at Westlands, opposite the school, should be the preferred site. For discussion and decision.
• Members to note that the Play Area inspection will take place in September by Playsafety.

9. G T Sassoon Trusts.
Members to receive the attached letter. The Clerk has discussed the letter with Christopher Thompson to seek clarification on the content. Members are being asked
to consider, should their planning application be approved, that the offer of a sum of money is to assist with infrastructure requirements to help meld the development into the village. This could involve the provision of Street furniture, access points, pedestrian access and footpaths and notice boards, as examples. For debate and response.

10. Items for a press release or statement from the Parish Council. Members to consider whether a press release or statement, on any item listed on the agenda is required for the media or any Parish Media Newsletters/Web sites.

11. Correspondence Issued to members 18.06.18 – 23.06.18
• Parish Newsletter 19th June, 27th June.
• Wiltshire Community Covenant Partnership Newsletter.
• Wiltshire Council Briefing 359 Employment Land Review.
• Parish Newsletter 2nd July, 9th July.
• Wiltshire Council Briefing 360 New Recycling Service.
• Wiltshire Council Briefing 361 Substantive Highways Scheme.
• Wiltshire Council Briefing 362 update on Salisbury Plain Fire.
• Thank you email and letter re grant for Heytesbury Church.