Heytesbury, Knook & Imber Parish Council, Open Spaces Working Group

Minutes of Heytesbury, Knook & Imber Parish Council's Open Spaces Working Group (OSWG) Meeting held at the Angel Inn, Heytesbury, on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 at 7.00 p.m. 

Cllrs – Colvin, Fellows, Gould, Hiscock, Morris and Sturmey (Chair). Advisor members – Legh and Diane Walker.


1. Apologies – Cllrs Gould, Morris and Hiscock.

2. Knook community land.
Update from Knook AA – Diana and Legh Walker reported that they now have the list of the KHIAA officers, Allotment Membership, a user’s agreement, insurance, and are working on the NAS supplied constitution and are writing a risk assessment for the site, the OSWG agreed to wait until all
documents are ready to present to the parish council on block, Mr and Mrs Walker will be on holiday shortly until the end of July it is planned to have all the documents ready for the September council meeting, the OSWG discussed the legal costs of a landlord agreement.

3. Heytesbury play area.
Signs, Inspections, Picnic bench slats, Cone climber.
Cllr Sturmey produced a new less wordy sign for the play area for consideration and agreed to send it to the clerk for approval; she reported she had visited with the Head teacher who was happy for a new sign to be placed on the fence she also advised on some dates in order for the maintenance
works to be carried out on the site she also asked if the gate could be fixed as it did not close properly and we discussed the possibility of moving the fresh air fitness equipment
Cllr Sturmey has written to Fresh air fitness reference a quote for moving the equipment and fencing it off.
Cllr Fellowes reported on her play area inspection course she will write a report for the next PC meeting on weekly, monthly and yearly inspections, other play area issues were discussed – 2x Picnic bench slats need reversing as warped, cone climber needs attention, ball shoot post needs protection around the base and teen shelter and swings have signs of rusting and needs painting, a discussion around employing contractors or the council adopting a volunteer policy to use volunteers for the small jobs around the parish.

4, Footpaths and Grounds maintenance.
Highway grass –discussion took place around the options it was agreed to recommend obtaining a 3 year quote from Idverde before the PC sets its budget in the autumn it would hope a 3 year contract would produce savings in the long term of the grassed areas already quoted for this year.
Cllr Fellowes reported that 2 village benches and the Knook and Heytesbury noticeboards would benefit from treatment.

5. Parish steward and WC App.
Parish steward – Cllr Gould not present.
Street lighting Glebelands – Cllr Fellowes update – WC have recently replaced one of the old concrete lamp posts at Glebelands No. 0006, light No 0004 obscured by a tree reported ref 2388961.
Branch obstructing footpath HEYT8 – reported by Cllr Sturmey ref 2230372 - to be inspected.

6. Highway issues and CATG.

Gully emptying – Cllr Sturmey awaiting a reply from WC Street scene.

7. Emergency Flood and Snow plan.
Word Doc – Cllr Morris not present but update via email that she is working on the document and will fill out the PEAS form asking for the maximum that the parish is allowed and will bring the form to the July meeting for signing by the clerk, Cllr Fellowes reported some of the Salt bins were low
and she will report them on the Wiltshire App.

8. Recommendations to the Parish Council.

The council obtain a quote for a 3 year period of Highway grass cutting of village areas from Idverde.

9. AOB
Mains drainage – Cllr Colvin will contact Sutton Veny and Wylye Parishes for advice.

Asset register – deferred to a future meeting.

10. Date of next meeting.
Tuesday 28th August 2018.