Messages To Anthony Holton At 3 High Street, Warminster

Sunday 5th August 2018:

Handwritten messages, in memory of
Anthony Holton, on the panel boards
at the base of the scaffolding around
3 High Street, Warminster.
Anthony died after falling from the
scaffolding on Sunday 16th July 2017.
 Anf, Forever in our hearts.
Love you brother 1992-2017.
Love Abbitt. xxx."

 1 year today bro and it still hurts
like it was yesterday. I've now a new
baby bro and it's a girl this time.
I wish you was here to teach her
to blow her food out with bubbles
but I will make sure she knows who
you are. I love and miss you so so much.
Love Gale / Jack.
xxxxxx xxxx xxx xx x."

  "1 whole year big man.
I can't believe you wont be here
to meet your little niece but I'll
make sure she knew who you were.
I miss you so fucking much.
Love your little bro.
xxxxx. Tits + Arse."

 "Thank you for teaching me
the Boom-snap-clap.
Love the twins!!"

 Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Sunday 5th August 2018.