Update On 3 High Street, Warminster

Wednesday 1st August 2018:

 3 High Street, Warminster.

Warminster Town Councillors have for some time been concerned about the condition of 3 High Street, Warminster. They have asked Unitary Authority Councillors to seek to ensure the building is safe and complies with relevant legislation.

At a recent meeting of the Town Council, Councillor Andrew Davis, who is also a member of Wiltshire Council, advised the meeting that he had additional information.

Councillor Davis had liaised with the Senior Planning Officer at Wiltshire Council regarding the tree growing out of the building and it was confirmed that a Development Control Officer would need to establish if the tree is partly supporting the fabric of the building. This would be the responsibility of the owner to correct and not an enforcement issue.

In relation to whether delisting the building would help the situation, Councillor Davis said that to delist a listed building would be the responsibility of the owner. The process would be the same as a normal planning application. In general, Conservation Officers do not like delisting buildings and prefer to protect them, so unless the owner and officer are both in agreement regarding the delisting, this could be a problem.