Warminster Schoolchildren Plant Flowers In The Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park)

Wednesday 1st August 2018:

For the third year in a row Warminster schools have been taking part in “planting in the park.”

Assisted by Warminster Town Council, pupils plant flower beds in the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park) creating beautiful displays for the public to enjoy. The initiative was introduced in 2016 when the Council took over Warminster’s award-winning Lake Pleasure Grounds and is proving very popular with schools.

Amongst the schools taking part this year are St. George’s Catholic Primary School, New Close School, Princecroft School and St John’s School.

 Planting by pupils from 
New Close Primary School.

Pupils from Princecroft Primary School
have incorporated a 'P' in their display.

Colourful planting by pupils of
St. George's Catholic Primary School.

 Green-fingered work from pupils
of St. John's Primary School.

The scheme allows children to design layouts and grow plants and flowers. It teaches them about different types of plants and how they grow and respond to different conditions. Signs provided by Warminster Town Council mean that the public can see which schools have planted which area. Park users have been full of praise for the vibrancy and colour the flower beds add to the park. Perhaps it will spark a lifelong interest in gardening or horticulture amongst some of the pupils and we will see them on Gardeners World.

In October there will be a winter planting to look out for.