Warminster Town Council To Ask Wiltshire Council To Transfer Ownership Of Eight Warminster Play Areas

Tuesday 2nd October 2018:

 Queensway Park, Warminster.

At a recent meeting of Warminster Town Council, Councillors voted unanimously to ask Wiltshire Council to transfer to them the ownership of eight play areas in Warminster.

The request comes after the Town Council conducted an extensive community engagement exercise during the summer of 2018, during which the views of the community were sought about the future maintenance of the play areas.

Town Councillors also agreed to make further enquiries regarding the play area in Victoria Fields which is currently owned by the developers, Persimmon.

Councillor Denis Brett, who led the community engagement said: “It is clear that the public greatly value play areas and do not want to see them left unmaintained, which is what would happen if the Town Council doesn’t step in and take over running them.”

Councillor Brett added: “I would like to thank all those who took the time to take part in the community engagement, the input from residents was invaluable.”