Warminster Town Councillors Determined To Nip Anti-Social Behaviour In The Bud

Monday 28th January 2019:

Warminster Town Councillors Aim To Nip Anti-Social Behaviour In The Bud

Warminster Town Councillors say they are determined to nip anti-social behaviour in the bud. They are concerned after a spike in the number of incidences of anti-social behaviour around the town and particularly in the Lake Pleasure Grounds (the Town Park), where there has been, for example, the safety fencing round the paddling pool has been attacked, benches outside the Pavilion Café have been overturned, and toilet paper set on fire in one of the public toilets.

It seems that a very small number of young people are responsible for several incidents of anti-social behaviour. Councillors are clear that this is a very tiny number of young people who are not representative of the overwhelming majority of young people in Warminster.

Warminster Town Council is working with the Police, PCSOs and the CCTV operators to catch and deter the culprits. Councillors urge the public to be vigilant and report any anti-social behaviour they see to the Police by phoning 101.

 Warminster Town Councillor Steve Jeffries.

Town Councillor Steve Jeffries said: “We installed a new door to the toilets in the Lake Pleasure Grounds and within 24 hours it needed repairs to the lock. Vandalism is not a victimless crime. It carries a cost to everyone, be it in damaged facilities or higher council tax. We need to work as a community to tackle this issue.”