Heytesbury Imber & Knook Parish Council Sets Its Budget

Friday 1st February 2019:

Heytesbury Imber & Knook Parish Council Sets Its Budget.

At a meeting of the Heytesbury Imber & Knook Parish Council held on the 15th January 2019, members considered the budget for the next financial year. The figures were carefully reviewed, and it was agreed unanimously to set a figure of £11,817 for 2019/20. This translates to the sum of £33.84 for every Band D equivalent property, paid to the Parish Council for the year. This is a 30% increase on last year, £7.81 for the year or 65p per week.

Members of the council made the difficult decision to agree this increase after recognising that there had been no rise in the Parish budget for over ten years. Reserves have been used in previous years to balance the figures, but these have now been exhausted and to continue carrying out the statutory duties and preferred services in the Parish, an increase has become inevitable. Part of local governance regulations require the council to keep a total of three months operating expenditure retained for the financial year and this could not be met without an increase.

Councillor Anne Perry, Chairman of the Parish Council, said: “There have been some real pressures on the budget as the costs of maintaining the parish are rising all the time. The council has made this difficult decision as it needs to raise funds to put towards the cost of necessary repairs to the village play equipment, repairs to the War Memorial and maintenance of the footpaths and street furniture. In addition, since last year, to comply with General Data Protection Regulations, some software and the website require updating. The Parish Council will be able to continue the additional grass cutting, cleaning of bus shelters and repairs or replacement to litter bins that has been carried out in the last few years, to keep the Parish looking at its best, which we know is appreciated by our residents.”