Black Five Steam Locomotive To Pass Through Warminster

Tuesday 18th June 2019:

Black Five Steam Locomotive To Pass Through Warminster

For the rail buffs in Warminster, if you don't know already, a Steam Dreams tour London-Bristol will be making its return journey (via Salisbury) through Warminster on Thursday 20th June 2019, at 6.50 p.m. The Steam Dreams website says a Black Five locomotive is rostered.

Black Fives were known as "do-anything and go-anywhere" locomotives.
18 Black Fives survived into preservation with several examples still working on the mainline railway. Members of the class that have feature on previous tours with The Steam Dreams Rail Co. include 45212, 44871, 45407, 45305 & 44932. The first class 5 locomotive was built for the London, Midland & Scottish Railway in 1934 to the design of Sir William Stanier. The new locomotives when built left the railway works in the standard mixed traffic black livery which soon earned them the nickname "Black Fives" for which they are still affectionately referred to today. The locomotives were capable of handling both express passenger and freight trains and were spread far and wide across the UK railway system. By the time the last Black Five was built in 1951, the class numbered 842 locomotives; one of the most numerous classes of British steam locomotives ever built.

Whilst this locomotive is rostered for the steam hauled sections of the trip listed, it cannot be guaranteed and may be substituted for a different engine.