Warminster Town Council To Improve Provision For The Hard Of Hearing At Warminster Civic Centre

Saturday 16th November 2019:

Warminster Town Council To Improve Provision For Ther Hard Of Hearing At Warminster Civic Centre

Members of Warminster Town Council’s Finance and Assets Committee have agreed to a range of measures to improve facilities for the hard of hearing and other users of the Civic
Centre at Sambourne Road, Warminster.

There are four elements that are being tackled to make the council more user-friendly for the hard of hearing:

• A counter loop system for the reception counter at the Civic Centre – this is to enable any hard of hearing people to be able to communicate better with staff on reception.

• A portable microphone and speaker system for use in any of the rooms. This can be used for any council or public meeting. It will also be used by users of the Civic Centre.
This will be a huge boost for those hiring rooms for meetings, because it will allow all people to hear much more clearly.

• A static hard of hearing loop – for use by users of the Arn and Copheap rooms.

• Table microphones – for small ‘working group’ type meetings where no loudspeaker is required.

A demonstration of the equipment was organised by the company Gordon Morris Ltd. for councillors and members of staff, who were highly impressed by the systems.

The advantages of introducing the proposed systems are:

• It meets statutory requirements.

• It is flexible and can be added to in the future if needs be.

• Multiple user groups will benefit.

• It is easy to use and maintain.

• It is a co-ordinated system with great flexibility.

Assistant Town Clerk Tom Dommett said: “The current provision is dated and inadequate. This decision by councillors will be widely welcomed. Estimates suggest that one in six of the UK population have a hearing loss and by 2035, about 15.6 million people in the UK will have hearing loss – that's one in five of the population. In addition, a much-improved microphone and speaker system will make the Civic Centre more attractive to people looking for a room
to hire for a large number of people.”