Warminster Town Councillors Support New Housing At Folly Farm After Listening To Local Residents' Views

Friday 15th November 2019:

Warminster Town Councillors have voted to support new housing at Folly Farm. [Planning Application19/09428/FUL] The decision came after councillors held a public meeting to hear the views of residents who live at the roads affected by the plans for 46 dwellings. 

Councillor Steve Jeffries, Chairman of Warminster Town Council's Planning Advisory Committee, said: “The Planning Advisory Committee doesn’t make the decision on whether a development goes ahead, but we can offer our comments and suggestions. There are no planning grounds for turning down new housing at Folly Farm, but the Committee have come up with a number of proposals that they would like to see implemented."

These proposals are:

Work on the existing/neighbouring site should be completed before work commences on the Folly Farm site.

A comprehensive Traffic Management Plan should be produced and agreed before any work starts.

The developer should adhere to the considerate constructor scheme.

The Town Council opposes the loss of over 100m of hedgerow and asks if Wiltshire Council’s ecologist and tree officers can review the EIA and Arboricultural Report to reduce the amount of hedgerow loss. A tree preservation order should be imposed on the hedgerow and the mature trees in them. Experience from the Damask Way development shows that tree protection policy needs to be proactive if it is to protect biodiversity and ensure developments are sensitive to the habitat and environment of Warminster.

Measures should be put in place to reduce phosphate pollution. The phosphate pollution in the River Avon SAC and Wylye SSSI from the sewage works is already unsatisfactory.

A Sustainable Energy Strategy should be provided – as set out under Wiltshire Council Core Policy 41, outlining the low carbon strategy for the proposal. The application rules out options rather than provide a strategy.

Additional car parking spaces should be provided. There is not enough provision on the existing site.

Cycle routes should be provided, linked to the existing development and to the town.

Residents should have representation on the estate management company.

Councillor Jeffries added: “We hope that these comments are taken on board and improve things for residents and the environment.”