A New Poem From Leo Aylen Of Bishopstrow

Wednesday 1st January 2020:

Danny Howell writes Leo Aylen, of Bishopstrow, has sent me his latest poem:

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
This precious stone set in the silver sea —
This gross tyrant’s plaything. His serpent-vile           
Tongue dupes his feeble subjects to agree 
With banishing truth for ever from this state
Where he now reigns as Emperor of Lying,
While cringing cronies wheedle “A just Fate
Keeps the poor poor. Best leave them to their dying.” 
No! It’s England that’s died. Irishman! Scot!
Help! You’ll shatter the tyrant’s chains for sure.
Even the Welsh may bin his fascist rot.                     
Help us, brave Celts, as you have done before.
March south. Set us self-shackled English free 
From this truth-obfuscating tyranny.