Warminster Town Council Budget 2020/21

Thursday 30th January 2020:

Warminster Town Council Budget 2020/21

Warminster Town Councillors have unanimously voted to approve the town councils’ budget and precept for 2020/2021.

The precept request is for £1,180,666. The new Band D equivalent charge will be £191.75 per annum. The weekly Band D equivalent will increase by £1.22 per week, that is £63.79 per annum.

The main reason for the increase is the decision by town councillors to take some of the services currently provided by Wiltshire Council, as Wiltshire is unable to fund them at the level. Taking on the services will involve the town council in cutting many grassed areas, management of some hedges/shrubs/shelter belts and trees. It will also involve maintenance of some footpaths, leaf clearance, balancing ponds and litter bin emptying. Also included with be the management of Pine Lawns cemetery and the weekly market.

Town councillors concluded that it would be prudent for Warminster Town Council to increase the sum allocated in the budget for the provision for services to be devolved from Wiltshire Council from £300,000 to £350,000.

Councillor Chris Robbins, Deputy Mayor of the Council said: “The town council has carefully considered what is best for the town and we strongly believe that local control will bring with it local improvements to services. The public consultation has been strongly in favour of the action the town council is taking and we hope people bear with us through this period of transition. Although this is a significant rise in the town councils’ portion of Council Tax, this level of increase will not be repeated in future years.”