Warminster Town Council To Take Action To Combat Climate Change

Tuesday 28th January 2020:

Warminster Town Council To Take Action To Combat Climate Change

Warminster Town Councillors have unanimously voted to approve a series of action to help combat climate change. At a meeting of the Full Council on Monday 20th January 2020,
Councillors voted unanimously in favour of:

• Setting up a climate change working group to produce a climate change action plan. This would consist of three Councillors and be open to outside representatives. The working group will report back to the Full Council.

• Conducting a green audit of its activities.

• Taking on a leadership, education and information providing role regarding climate change action.

• Continuing to support the work of Neighbourhood Plan Review Working Group in creating “A Place for the Future”.

• Working in Partnership with the Warminster Area Board and Wiltshire Council on their climate change agenda/actions.

• Striving to become a carbon neutral organisation by 2030.

The three Town Councillors that were nominated to be part of the working group were Councillors Denis Brett, Steve Jeffries and Tony Nicklin.

Councillors also noted a report that contained other suggestions and ideas that could be discussed by the working group.

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Brett said: “ I am delighted that there has been such a positive response to the report and the recommendations from the public and from Sustainable Warminster. I look forward to working with my fellow councillors and members of the public to turn these
ideas into positive actions. As a first step the Council has agreed (at the same meeting) to switch to a renewable
energy supplier for Council buildings.”