Traffic Management For Silver Street, Warminster

 Wednesday 16th December 2020:

Warminster Town Council have released the following press release -

Warminster Town Council’s Town Development Committee debated the issue of traffic management on Silver Street. Councillors noted that Silver Street would be undergoing a metro count (which measures traffic speeds and volumes) in due course and that the results of the metro count would determine what, if any, measures could be introduced.

Traffic Management is a Wiltshire Council responsibility; however, the Town Council can put forward its own suggestions. These are detailed in The Town Plan, adopted in 2012, which includes a set of policies for Silver Street.

Councillors agreed that road safety measures were linked to the progress of the new housing on the Western Urban Extension.

Chairman of the Committee, Councillor Paul Macfarlane said: “Silver Street is important as the western gateway to the town centre. It gives many visitors their first impression to the town. Substantial changes to the traffic management will require the sort of funding that comes with new housing. When this starts to come on stream then we will be asking Wiltshire Council to take a holistic approach to how it manages the traffic movements in this part of Warminster.”

The policies for Silver Street set out in the Town Plan are shown below.

a. Treatment of the public realm around the obelisk and extension of footway. To create a better pedestrian environment at this important junction, simplify traffic movements and reduce the amount of public realm given over to vehicles. This approach will also enhance the setting of the obelisk and the surrounding buildings which are of historic value. 

b. Promotion of the area as an Antiques Quarter. The existing cluster of antiques shops along Silver Street would benefit from a higher profile and a distinctive branding. This will help with marketing and promotion of the area as a strong asset for Warminster.

c. Retention of car parking spaces, pavement widening and tree planting where possible. Part of Silver Street has a wide carriageway. The remodelling of this to provide a combination of improved pedestrian space and dedicated parking will help to support the antiques uses. Where pavements are widened opportunities can also be sought to introduce tree planting to further soften the character of the street.

d. Preservation of existing land use. The existing mix of land uses including a predominance of housing combined with antiques shops is considered appropriate for the area, given that it is some way from the core of the town centre.

KEY MOVEMENT PROPOSAL Silver Street/Vicarage Street junction.

In order to enhance the setting of the obelisk, the simplification of the junction to create a more conventional T junction will be supported. This will allow the footway around the obelisk to be extended to connect back into the main pavement and create a more attractive public space. This change is unlikely to significantly affect the performance of the junction.